To & Fro – Poetry – Transport For London

Ticket, touch, escalators,

people going Up n down

Young n old,

happy or sad

Some with Just a frown

Hustle bustle

Buskers singing their hearts out

Murmuring, chatting

Music in the background.

Jingling of coins

as theycome falling down

.Marching down the platform

Looking for a gap

Some are looking at adverts

Others study the map.

Tracks vibrates cool breeze

Train on time

People off, people on

A glance, left and right

Doors close safely behind

The journey begins

dark tunnels

From Manor House through

All the colours of the rainbow

What an amazing journey

With laughter ,sadness

Hello’s and good – byes

Open doors, getting off

Looking for the way out

Up the stairs

Bend round to get to the exit

Up escalators Tap out

Barriers open‘Have a nice day, say TFL staff

And smiles which goes a long way



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