Chappie (2015) – It’s more than just a machine!


 Director: Neill Blomkamp

Stars: Sharlto CopleyDev PatelHugh Jackman

It’s 2016 and Johannesburg is patrolled by police robots called SCOUTS.

Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) an artificial Intelligence agent the creator of these fearless robots is kidnapped by a gang.  Deon has to give them a scout who will fight the rivalry gang.

I think this movie was short of a circuit or two! Was the director Neill BlomKamp conscious when he came up with this concept? I don’t think so. To be honest I don’t know where to start, I would start at the beginning but the movie really began right at the end. Maybe that’s where I’ll start from the end and work my way to the beginning might make sense then. No! I won’t do that because that would give away the plot!

Let me just talk about the casting because my mind boggles with the fact that such big stars like Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman took on roles that served them or the viewer no purpose. The acting was so bad I bet they wished they were left unconscious. As for Hugh Jackman’s wardrobe , well, no human in the right mind would dare dress him like that – I mean it was supposed to be 2016 not 1970’s!

Then you have Dev Patel who for once does not have an Indian accent and is trying very hard to act but it seems he has already been stereotyped as to the roles he is given . Dev needs to be selective about what roles he chooses and why, because as a ‘Hybrid’ between Hollywood and Bollywood he can get it so wrong- I do not think he is the best positive Asian actor to do this.

Oh! Let’s not forget Ninja and Yolandi Visser – the gangsters who play mummy and daddy to Chappie . I understand they are a South African rap rave group called Die Antwoord – (The Answer) – well I’m afraid they left some unanswered questions for me!! Right pair of bright sparks those two NOT! Let’s hope they sing better than they can act!!


The moral of the story:  There were 2 points that stood out  for me

  1. Can robots be programmed to have a conscious, to be more human with feelings and if so,what purpose would that serve?
  2. Nature v Nurture argument – Robots can be whatever we make them, just like a new born child. 

I would now like to have this movie erased from my memory as this was a waste of time and money – if not anybody’s but mine. ‘Where’s the remote control……’

Ms Safirah Irani


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