Mother, Ma, Ammee, Mama, Mom, Mataji, Mum, Mummy. Mãe, Matka – What is a Mother?

‘There is an instinct in a woman to love most her own child – and an instinct to make any child who needs her love, her own. ‘ ~  Robert Brault,

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No matter who we are where we come from religiously or culturally, the back bone of a family has to be the mother.

What does being a mother mean? As a mother, it means to love, nurture, protect, educate and guide the child. Any woman can be a mother but it takes a real woman to be a Mum. I say that because there are many families that do not share the bond that others share. I have seen it in my own family where for one reason or another child just hasn’t bonded with his\ her mother. Leaving the child feeling unloved.

Some children learn to cope and grow up without being scarred and other children come away feeling of not belonging.

A mother single handedly raises her children 24/7 and it makes me wonder why she does it.

As a mother myself, I remember from a very young age of having maternal instincts, of wanting to care and raise children. An extension of me. Someone that I could nurture and love someone who can make my dreams come true because I could not.

I understand  how difficult it is to be a mother because just when you think you got it right another child’s comes along with different traits from the first child and you think ‘Darn, I have to do this differently and start all over again!’

On top of that a mother has to be on top of everything else she has to be the maid in the kitchen, a host with the mostest, a mistress in the bedroom, a friend to all and a teacher to all those who are around her.

Flowers by Munirah

 According to Islam, the Prophet said “….your mother, for heaven is under her feet” – Whoever intends to enter heaven should respect and dignify his parents, especially his mother. Our mother has carried and given birth to us. Furthermore, her du’a will be granted by Allah. Thus, we must serve her well. 

That statement speaks volumes for no matter whom you are it is your mother that will love you unconditionally. Her patience and understanding will give you the tool for life. 

 So, if you have a mother it’s never too late to create that special bond. Trust me that bond will see your role as a child in a different light. As you begin to understand your mother you will appreciate the sacrifices she has made for you, your relationship will blossom with endless joys.

If you are having trouble seeing eye to eye with your mother have a thought for those who have  lost their mother or even worse never had the love of a mother. Count yourself very fortunate to have had that love – a mother’s love that is unconditional.


Ms Safirah Irani

Twitter @Safirah63                     



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