Watch Your Back!

I have recently been looking at bags; yes I know I can be a lady when I want to be!  But actually I am looking for a satchel, medium size & made out of material .Why? Because I want to put all the variety of badge pins I have collected over the years from around the world on it as a constant reminder of the good times. I began looking at the history of bags and what makes a person fall in love with their bag. (There is a point to this article but bear with me as I indulge in my thought.)


 A bag (also known regionally as a sack) is a simple tool in the form of a non-rigid container, but a bag is an essential part of our civilization. The use of bags predates recorded history, with the earliest bags being no more than lengths of animal skin or woven plant fibres, folded up at the edges and secured in that shape with strings of the same material. In our present time, it is more of a fashion statement. The choices, shapes and sizes are endless and just when you think you have found the perfect bag, lo and behold another catches your eyes.

From disposable bags to a leather bag, from a zipper fastener to a string bag, each bag has a function in our busy lives.

 As a woman, a bag is the second most important item after my shoes. So depending on where I am going, what I’m doing it is very vital that I am comfortable and look the part.

I often get asked ‘what do you carry in your bag?’ I always reply ‘everything but the kitchen sink!’ because having children, pets and a partner it’s like a mobile first aid kit come a Pound store.

 The contents of a bag can reveal a lot about the person who carries it.

  •  Little Miss Label- in another words $$$ = at any cost I want!
  • Little Miss Spring – A bag that brings out the innocence school girl in her – pastel colours, flowery, flowy and free just like her. Sensual and homely, soft of heart but firm and professional when it comes to other matters. The soft look of the bag is reflected in the friendly personality of the wearer. They are dreamers by nature and have big ideas that they want to pursue with a solid plan in mind. As the bag is not big, the owner knows exactly what she wants. (Sounds like me and my satchel)
  • Little Miss Wild – busy globetrotting around the world, showing people that she knows her stuff!  Wild & cultural.


 Hold on, this is all directed at women what about the men? Well there is really only one bag for them and that is the satchel or ‘man bag’ as it’s known now. In literature, the satchel is often associated with the classic image of the English schoolboy: “And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel” 

Jack Bauer, in 24, is often seen carrying a satchel. Indiana Jones always carries a satchel as part of his outfit.In their song “Jennifer Eccles”, The Hollies sing about “carrying her satchel”.The satchel is referenced in the movie The Hangover, where the character Alan Garner pleads “it’s not a man purse, it’s called a satchel!” 

I so want one now!  Anyway, I feel for the men because their choices are limited, well it was until I was introduced to a friend of a friend who are just preparing to launch  their new business venture called ‘URBAN JUNK’ and now the men can indulge in choosing a ‘sack’ for each day of the week.

 ‘Urban junk is a new brand bringing in new breed of dynamic backpacks. Born in the heart of urban living…London…The Back Attack collection have been designed to express your style DNA!’

So, fella’s this is time to find out what type of a bag reflects your personality, time for you to set the trends and stand out as unique. 

1233492_234587140024678_2010516426_nThe ‘Back Attack’ collection features all the boy/man themes going such Pow! Bam! to Brick it(as in Lego) to Turn me on! Bright, bold and “watch my back” statements that you would follow.

These back packs are designed to carry everything including the back of the car boot clutter!

Whether you are a school boy ,college lad or an office man the choices are endless. You’ve even got a choice of designing your own back pack. Awesome! 

You can view them on  this is one good reason why you should look back!

 Ms Safirah Irani

Twitter @Safirah63


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