Let’s get up close and personal…

So, tomorrow is Mothering Sunday here in the UK. What is Mothering Sunday or commonly known as Mother’s Day?

Mothering Sunday is a holiday celebrated by Catholic and Protestant Christians in some parts of Europe. It goes back to the 16th century when people gathered on the fourth Sunday of Lent in a ‘Mother’ church or a large hall within their community. This was often referred to as gone ‘a-mothering’.

In the richer households servants were given time off to go their ‘mother church’ with their own mother and father. The servant children would pick wild flowers on their way home to give to the church or to their mothers. Somehow, today that practise has become a tradition on Mothering Sunday.


Anyway, I wasn’t intending on giving a history lesson but what I was trying to express was that as a woman – a menopausal women I seem to always surprise myself when I least expect to.

I woke up this morning, wanting to do some real housework, even get into London to see what was happening politically but I just could not get my A**** in gear. I could not understand why. I know I felt lonely as my children had decided to have a sleepover elsewhere. Actually, I was indulging in self – pity because I thought to myself why have they all left me alone today, surely they know its Mother’s Day tomorrow? They know that I would be visiting my mother. So, could they not have made this day special just for me?

So, I decided to stay in bed and do some work on my laptop. It was only when I went to the bathroom that all was revealed.

A C Metters Painter

Have you heard the saying ‘Painters and decorators are in’ or ‘Surfing the crimson wave’ or even ‘Joining the cast of Pad Men’. If not, well you’ve just heard it here!

It’s the time of the month but in my case its’ the time of any month. The last time I had my period must have been last October. You can imagine how surprised I was. My first thought was ‘I can still be a mother!’ then my second thought was ‘I’m still a woman!’ and the third was ‘OMG!’

I started feeling a bit faint and felt my stomach ‘gurgling’- Was it mind over matter?

Mummy's Boys
Mummy’s Boys
Mother & Daughter
Mother & Daughter

Just then my daughter text saying she will be home soon and in my excitement I text her ‘I still can be a mother’ and she text back ‘Wow, you’re still a woman’! Like mother like daughter!

So, while I fly the Japanese flag the best part of this week I wish you all well oh! And don’t get your panties in a twist!

Ms Safirah Irani



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