A Greater love by Olga Watkins

A Greater Love By Olga Watkins
A Greater Love By Olga Watkins

It’s amazing how an ordinary day at the hairdressers, can turn out to be an exciting experience.

I met extra ordinary women with a story that would intrigue you, capture your imagination and take you into the era that you only read about.

As my hairdresser Tina attended to this lady, I waited for my turn and it was not long before Tina started telling this lady ‘Safirah has written a book like you’. I began to ask question about her life, her book and how she managed to get published. Before long we were exchanging experiences from around the globe.

The lady in question was Olga Watkins the author of ‘A Greater love’

Olga briefly told me about her book and how she went 2,000 miles across Nazi Europe to find my true love. Her fiancé was hauled away by Nazi officers in the middle of the night – but Olga Czepf vowed that nothing would keep them apart.

At that point I said to her ‘Don’t tell me anymore, I will buy the book and learn about her life’

Olga must be in her late 80’s but her memory was sharp and in detail she gave me a blur on her book. She asked to look up some info on her book on my ipad and then she said ‘I will give you a book, write your name on a piece of paper’, I did and low and behold she pulled out a copy of her book signed it for me and gave to me and said help spread the word. I was speechless, as Olga was so pleasant and passive.

The last thing I expected was to walk out of my hairdressers with a book!

I am so excited; I can’t wait to read it. I want to digest it and meet her again and talk more about it.

If you are as intrigued as I am do buy her book via Amazon


And let her know what you think by ‘like’ it on http://www.facebook.com/agreaterlove

Ms Safirah Irani


Olga Watkins
                                               Olga Watkins

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