We were otherwise pre-occupied…

Courtsey of McDonalds
Courtsey of McDonalds

Last night Ms Sabah Raza came to see me for a couple of reasons. The first was to drop off her keys so that I can cat-sit her cats. The second was to have tea & homemade scones and the third reason was to ‘catch-up’ as it’s been almost a week since school broke for the Easter break.

Well I guess 2 out of 3 aren’t bad!!  We did the ‘catch-up’ alright but never got to eat the scones nor did she leave her keys with me… nothing usual because when we get together we normally get distracted by other things happening around us.

You may know that Sabah is prone to chips, chips and chips so we decided to nip out for a quick bite and agreed on McDonalds. We went to the McDonalds in Haringey Retail Park and boy we were in for a surprise. The last time I went into this particular eat out was far too many years ago. It was then dreary and uninviting but yesterday I walked into a whole new world.

As we entered McDonalds we were exposed to a new lay out, funky furniture and brightly coloured tables and seating areas but right in our faces was this very large touchscreen monitor that looked like a very large iPhone.

‘Ooo’ I said ‘let’s order from here’ and before Ms Raza could say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ I pressed START. There was no turning back.

I must say the ordering was as easy as eating an Apple pie, with in seconds we had ordered and paid, with ticket in hand we went to collect our order. I almost forgot I was in McDonalds as Ms Raza put it, ’It feels like we are shopping in Argos’.

The queue was decreasing quickly,  beside us were 2 young girls and a mature lady who was equally astonished as we all were. The lady said ‘Lordy lord, what am I to do, oh is that a microwave?’ we all turned round and there behinds us was a microwave.

‘Surely, the food would be hot’ said one of the two young girls. Ms Raza being practical said’ it’s for the mothers to warm baby food up’  I replied by saying ‘well if my microwave goes I know where to come’ we all laughed  and followed it by saying ’ we can warm up our apple pies in there’. ‘Yes’ said the mature lady looking a bit nervous about what to do next.

Our order was ready in minutes and we finally had some human contact when picking up our food

‘What dips would you like Madame?’  I, not being a dip person declined but Ms Raza made her choices. Then we went to get our napkins etc. and as usual thinking out loud I said ‘if I ask for 2 straws will they jumped at me!’ the 2 young girls who were seated by now laughed hilariously.

We ate our meals as quickly as they were ordered , looked around the décor and amazed at the choices of seating areas, for families, to teenagers and even for the tech guru’s , they had ipads where one can eat and still be on social media or doing one’s work! But the hardest part for me was to find the bins to dispose my rubbish- I looked for clues –lucky the clues were in pictures, I could see the recycling bins but could not see the old fashion ‘throw your tray in here please’. It took me a whole minute to scan the place nervously, eventually found it. I recycled what I could and then ‘threw’ my tray in!!!

Phew! I thought looking around me to see if anyone noticed me looking kind of puzzled at the ‘new’ McDonalds. I know it’s not new but I hardly get out or go out anymore most of my shopping is done online now.

Whilst I was searching for the bins Ms Raza was doing her charitable work, by chatting to a tall Indian man who use the chat up line ‘I have won a free fruit bag’ – she must have replied ‘ I got Park Lane!’

She also was approached by an elderly vagabond who wanted money but she offered him a cup of coffee and he gladly took it. I bet he was peeved off he never got the cash!! But he did say ‘Thank you’ on his way out.

Ms Raza said ‘Why me?’ I never had the heart to say to her, that it was I that sent him to her!!! As for the tall Indian man I have no answer for that Ms Raza!!! Psml…

Haringey Arena Retail Park
Haringey Arena Retail Park

We drove out rather impressed, Ms Raza dropped me off and when she got home she reminded me why she had come in the first place – the KEYS!!!!  Lol… and I woke up this morning and realised the tea, scones. cream & Jam are still waiting to be eaten!!!

Don’t worry Ms Raza when I pick up the keys later  I will drop off the scones before it’s gone!

I’m lovin’ it.

Ms Safirah Irani



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