The Water Diviner (2014) – He was the only father who came looking….

Director: Russell Crowe

Writers:  Andrew KnightAndrew Anastasios

Stars:Jai CourtneyOlga Kurylenko,  Isabel Lucas

Courtesy of You Tube
Courtesy of You Tube

Initially released in Australia in 2014 The Water Diviner hit the big screen here in the UK on April 3rd 2015.

With Russell Crowe not only playing the lead as Conner, an Ozzie farmer  who, travels to Turkey in search of his three sons, who were killed at war, and after the death his grieving wife but also making his debut as a director  in this sensitive and emotion stirring drama.

A true life event that crosses the borders on many issues, creating tension amongst the survivors after a war. No doubt it must have struck a chord or two with the Australian nation as the ordeal in 1919 unfolds.This could be the first time that the conflict between the two countries is being told from both sides. An eye opener for sure.

 From the script, to the casting The Water Diviner got it to the T. Each character immersed into the given role and exploited all possibilities of displaying the best performance. From Dylan Georgiades who played the little boy Orhan to Yilmaz Erdogan who played Major Hasan, incidentally he reminded me of Poirot but that’s another story!

Connor was on a mission to find his sons and put them to rest, also to find peace within himself. Crowe was on a quest to direct a story, to capture the essence of that era and I am jubilant to say he succeeded in both. A definite watch – especially if you are trying to avoid Fast & Furious 7!!!

Ms Safirah Irani



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