Home (2015) – High Hand!


Director :Tim Johnson

Voice Stars :Jim Parsons, Rihanna. Steve Martin , Jennifer Lopez

PG  Animation Adventure Comedy

Warning : Slapstick humour Mild violence

Home can be a lonely place when the world arounds you has taken away without any warning.

Two very different species, one human one alien – both alone comes together unexpectedly.

Oh! (Jim Parsons) & Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci (Rihanna) both sad bad because they are different from others and unable to make friendship thus having fractured hearts,

Until their journey together begins ,Oh is the alien on the runs from his alien race Boov  and Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci is in the hide out from the Boov invasion.

images (4)
Courtesey of imdb

For some this movie may be Home is where the heart wasn’t but I actually found it quiet warming and cute to look at. As an adult the plot is pretty obvious but for a child the message will unfold as the story progresses. I could hear children giggling to the unique way Oh spoke. He would say things like ‘Please come to the warming of my house party’ or  ‘I too has a Pee break’. Both characters showed the difference between being a coward and being brave, and by helping each other they can overcome their fears and  differences.

Tallness of the family may not appreciate this movie but the younger generation may give a high hand ( Gimme a five!!).

Ms Safirah Irani



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