JOHN WICK (2014) – Do I look civilized to you?

Directors: Chad Stahelski,  David Leitch

Writer: Derek Kolstad (screenplay)

Stars: Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen

Courtsey of IMDB
Courtsey of IMDB

Wh-tch!  Whop-eesh!  Slither! Zip! Slap! Thump! Crack! Clash! Stomp! Boom! Bang! Pop! Screech! Whoosh! Smack! Thud! Pow!

These are just some of the sounds that you will experience once you settled down to watch the John Wick. I say settle down because as you enter the screen you are welcomed with a bag of Jelly Bunnies as part of the Cineworld Unlimited card promotion.

The screening was filled with the noises of rustling bags and chewing, even discussions on whether there were more red jelly bunnies than any other coloured jelly bunnies!

Keanu Reeves as John Wick makes Fast&Furious7 look like playground games for little boys. I guess, you can say John Wick’s motto is ‘Why shoot once when you can shoot thrice?’

Who is John Wick? He is a retired hitman who does what he likes when he likes. This action packed thriller contains scenes that will make you choke on your Jelly Bunnies – but I think the sugar rush overrides that motion.

John Wicks seeks revenge when he gets his car a ’69 Mustang Mach 1 stolen but during that process he gets his beagle puppy killed by Iosef Tarrasov (Alfie Allen) son of an enterprising businessman with questionable roots who is also the brother of Lily Allen but reminded me of Harry Styles from 1D!!! The puppy called Daisy was a gift from his deceased wife who sent it to him after her death to encourage him to live on! Well, bad mistake do not kill a man’s dog and think you can get away with it.

This was a non-stop, no nonsense, no holds barred kind of movie and definitely not for the squeamish girly’s.I normally object to such violence but this had my andreleline running overtime, was it because of Keanu Reeves who at 50 looks hot or was it the fact that once you get involved you have to see it through. I must say John wick was entertaining all-round plenty of blood, sweat and laughter, yes there was a note of sarcastic sense of humour amongst the cry of help.

A brilliant watch and a bold return for Keanu Reeves – definite worth the wait. It does look like the first of a franchise. I hate to think what he would do if you hurt his cat!

Ms Safirah Irani




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