I Merely Want To Report Life Style Changes – Whatever Next!

Over a week ago I was told to go on a new app so that I could blog live. That suggestion went from one ear through to the other ear. I think the name was the one that did not appeal to me ‘Meerkat’ . Then I got an imessage couple of days ago that had a tone of excitement to it.

The message read :


I toyed around with the idea in my head, thinking what can I do with this app. I can just about manage Facbook, Instagram, Tumbler & Twitter on my gadgets on top of that between my laptop, ipad , iphone and Flip Video I have got myself into a bit of a tither with my passwords.

So,first things first, got my 17 year old son to put my record straight! He kindly managed to synchronise my gadgets – all having the same passwords has really helped.

Then this morning, I looked at that imessage again and thought shall I click on the link and see what all the fuss is about?Curiosity got the better of me….

Welcome to Periscope
Welcome to Periscope

In fact from installing it onto my iphone to a quick tour without instructions I went from my bed here in London to down under Australia, then to America , into a car journey to someone who was off to the gym in Turkey to a Persian couple  on an #Applewatch trying to purchase possibly an apple product all in 40 minutes.I was forced to stop because my battery was coming onto 0%.

Twitter is just into a few weeks of launching their new app called Periscope. Periscope is a live video steaming app that promise to make you your own TV star!

From what I saw in 40 minutes I was a bit taken a back, Why? because once again its a platform for people to self indulge and open their doors to ‘strangers’ who are either going to take you with a ‘pinch of salt’ or people who are going to cyber bully you and text abuse to you, because that’s what they do.

The founders of Periscope say: “What if you could see through the eyes of a protester in Ukraine? Or watch the sunrise from a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia? It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation.”

But that is exactly what the every day Jo is not doing. What Jo is doing is just chit chatting S*** most likely for their 15 minute fame. I then thought ‘How would I use this in my world of blogging?’ This kind of technology can only be an advantage to me if I use it in a professional manner.

Aplle Watch Live
Apple Watch Live

I just popped in, into Periscope and just got a live stream of the Apple Watch!! Wow! I guess Tom Warren could actually be useful if you are contemplating on buying one. Text him all the Questions about the product and make up your own mind. How cool is that?

I know like most products and App there are going to be some teething problems but  I am confident that once Periscope has dealt with all its flaws it will be an App to reckon with.

Later, i am off to the theater to do a review and if I am brave enough I may even use Periscope to do a live blog…Watch this space.

Ms Safirah Irani



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