Bugsy Malone Opens The Lyric, Hammersmith With A Splat!


Bugsy Malone   Lyric Hammersmith  Lyric Square  King St London  W6 0QL

11 April – 01 August 2015

If you have seen Bugsy Malone the film back in 1976 then you are in for a treat with Bugsy Malone on stage in 2015. What a fantastic way of opening the doors to the newly 20 million redevelopment by giving the stage to a cast that consists of children aged between 9yrs- 16yrs in the main roles, further, more the rest of the cast is no older than 22 years.

The Lyric, Hammersmith was built for the community and this production just proves that, a grand applause goes to its artistic director  Sean Holmes.


Alan Parker’s musical hits London on the 11th April and let me tell you there was plenty of toe tapping, very little twerking ,buckets full of laughter, plenty of custard pies and splurge guns at the ready.

Set in the roaring 20’s, the moment the stage lights came on, the action just kept coming with great choreography , superb acting from the talented youngsters and excellent singing all done by these young thespians.

The rise of Bugsy Malone comes to light as Fat Slam v Dandy Dan comes to logger heads when custard pies are not enough to win the turf. The need for splurge guns meant war because there is only room for one Mr Big!

With songs like My name is Tallulah and So You wanna Be a Boxer this production just got better and better as the night went on.

This show was made with children for children so, the contents of the plot were appropriate and done with taste. Neither the actors nor the audience felt uncomfortable doing what would be seen as an adult action, such as kissing or threatening another person. I think if adults attempted to do Bugsy Malone it would not have felt right. This was for children to behave like adults and in some cases showed us adults how immature we could be.

Plenty of humor that has to be reciprocated by aww, ahh’s and coo’s. A show that must be seen by all.Great family entertainment and an eye opener for young budding actors.

A blast from the past…..Love this song

Ms Safirah Irani



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