Sami Yusuf – 8 City UK Tour 2015


Sami Yusuf is a British singer-songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist musician of Azerbaijani descent.He is known to be one of the most popular Muslim artiste by far. Sami starts  his 8 city tour in the UK. Performing songs from his album ‘The Centre’ which takes us through a spiritual journey ,consisting of 12 tracks as well some of his classics from previous albums.

The Centre

Sami – a spiritual singer who sings deeply touching devotional songs- expressing thought provoking concepts in this troublesome world we all exist in. The message of love and peace has been captured globally because no matter who we are, there is one thing in common – humanity. With lyrics like:

Track : Pearl

I spent a thousand sleepless nights
In wait of dreams I could not find
I walked a thousand empty roads
In search of signs to bring me home
With every breath I spoke your name
And heard it rolling in the waves
Beneath a veil of ocean blue
I broke illusion from the truth


Track : Fire

Peace be with you my brother, my friend                               
Come join me at the fire, once again
It bears no judgement, shame or pride
It warms from every side
Its light is lost without your eyes
Come join me at the fire

Last night’s concert at Cadogan Hall, London was a sell out . A full house was drawn together to see this musical maestro and what a performance. The moment Sami came onto the stage a calm aura embraces you, his presence is felt even before he starts singing. The respect for him was unspoken but truly appreciated.

So, here in front of me was a stage with 20 various instruments from the Middle East/North Africa/Europe. I could not name them all but I know Sami has been trained in the santoor, piano, violin, oud, setar, tar, and daf. supported by his loyal team of 4 musicians – Hosen, Ali, Mohammed and Jon. The bond between Sami, his musicians and their instruments is apparent throughout the performance as they work in harmony, sync by every note, pluck and pitch.

IMG_7921The Daf played by Mohammed

The most common style of playing the daf is to hold it in the left hand while beating the taut skin with various strokes of the fingers, thumb, palm, and heel of the right hand. At the same time the fingers of the left hand produce additional flicking sounds on the rim of the drum, usually on the offbeat.  The player may also strike the rim of the drum on his or her knee.

It would be unfair to single out any one player or instrument because each one needed the other to give a spectacular , mind blowing performance. You had to be there to see them and hear them. I was speechless and my friend Sabah was in tears – the emotions got the better of her, tears of joy I hope.



I have been following Sami Yusuf and his 8 City Tour UK 2015  from day 1 on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Periscope , this made me realise that this world we live in is not as big as we think. via Periscope I was able  to video stream live and connect to people around the globe. How crazy is that? Via Periscope and Sami Yusuf, I was able to spread the love, peace and joy,

I have to thank Sami Yusuf as he has made dreams become reality, specially for one little boy who is an avid fan of Sami Yusuf. This young boy happens to be Ibrahim who eats, sleeps and breaths Sami and one thing he wanted, was to sing with Sami. The concert in Luton was the moment his dream became reality a real memory to cherish forever.

I was more than happy to meet & greet Sami Yusuf last night and relay all the beautiful messages I got via the social media expressing the global gratitude. I have to say that Sami Yusuf is very clued up with the social media and the impact it has, not just on his career but what it does to communities less fortunate. Sami Yusuf is the Global Ambassador for United Nations World Food Programme who knows first-hand what his role is in this life time.  All he wants to do is to “do something dignified and respectable”. I am not one to argue about that statement because he does it so well.


Can you guide me to the treasures I have lost?
Can you show me every secret I forgot?
When I came you asked me where I had come from
You said my homeland was my kingdom all along

I would like to thank The Penny Appeal in association with British Muslim for giving us Sami Yusuf not only to raise money in aid of orphans worldwide but to make global awareness of whats happening around us. To FNIK PR (Pedro Carvalho) for sharing the Periscope experience and keeping the team safe on their journey. To all social media followers who have encouraged me to keep on delivering the message of Sami Yusuf. I have enjoyed this journey immensely.

If you would like to see Sami Yusuf perform then follow the link for the last few dates.


Keep me in your dua’s , Peace to all .

Ms Safirah Irani



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