Big Game (2014) – The President has one small chance of survival…

PG 13 Action Adventure  Director & Writer : Jalmari Helander

8414_poster_iphoneStars: Samuel L. JacksonOnni TommilaRay Stevenson

…that small chance comes in the shape of a 13 year boy called Oskari (Onni Tommila). Oskari is being sent on a traditional quest into the woodlands of Finland where he will leave as a boy and return as a man. Also too prove to his community and to his dad his capabilities.

I think he got more than he bargained for when the USA‘s President’s plane is attacked by terrorists. The President (Samuel L Jackson) is betrayed by one of his own men finds himself in the escape pod all alone until Oskari finds him.

Armed with just a bow & arrow Oskari promises to lead the president to safety before the bad guys, gets to them.  This is when you have to sit back and take a chill pill because you are about to be entertained in Bollywood stylee. By this I mean, you have a young boy who can barely use his bow & arrow, scared shit, just in case he fails his test, you have the president of the USA who never had to hurt a fly, suddenly has to toughen up, then you have a chest fridge freezer and a helicopter that provides some action that can only be passed as impossible.

A number  loud bangs, some action in the sky and a few humorous one liners gives you, a family film that is bearable on a Sunday afternoon. Best not to go with any expectations then you won’t be disappointed. Like the film, it’s about dad & son bonding – use that time wisely!

Ms Safirah Irani



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