Lord Of The Dance -Dangerous Games At The Dominion Theatre London – Dazzling!


Who is Michael Flatley?

Michael Ryan Flatley (born July 16, 1958) is an Irish American step dancer, choreographer and musician. He became internationally known for Irish dance shows RiverdanceLord of the DanceFeet of Flames, and Celtic Tiger.

Flatley broke his own record for tapping speed in February 1998, by achieving 35 taps per second. Flatley also received Guinness Book recognition in both 1999 and 2000 for being the highest paid dancer, earning $1,600,000 per week and for having the highest insurance policy placed on a dancer’s legs at $40,000,000.


Lord of the Dance – Dangerous Games  (LOTD) is back again at the Dominion Theatre, London with Michael Flatley, the king of Irish dancing, making his final appearance. This I had to see as I have always admired the confidence, the drive, the skill this amazing dancer has. So, after walking 8 miles, 17000 steps, sightseeing in London , Counting ‘Shaun in the City’ trail  I was ready for some toe tapping, high kicking, legs twisting Irish entertainment. Dazzled I was …

downloadJames Keegan playing the lead – a role which is shared with 2 others and I can see why, not only is it danced to perfection but it is very demanding when you have to manage 40 performers by getting the synchronization to the T and to be on queue with the  holographic effects that brings the show alive.

LOTD story is a basic story of good v evil, where a young spirit travels around time protecting the noble people from the dark lord. The story took a while to pick up; if I am right it was almost 20 minutes into the show before we1410420900309_wps_19_Nadine_Coyle_The_Goddess_ saw or heard any real foot work. After all, that’s what I had come for. I could not figure out why Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle was chosen to what seemed to me ‘fill in the gap’- not the best songs, not the best voice, well not the best choice! Then we had 2 female violinists that just distracted me from the main stage was it the short dresses or was it their legs – somehow they did not carry off their glamorous look very well.Thank god they could play !

The highlight for me was to see Michael Flatley live on stage and that’s what I got, even if it was for only a dance and a half. I can now tick that of my bucket list as I am completed satisfied .

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Ms Safirah Irani




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