Entourage (2015) – All good parties must come to an end!

Director: Doug Ellin  Stars: Adrian GrenierKevin ConnollyJerry Ferrara

PG15 Comedy Drama   Release date 19 June 2015 (UK)

The boys are back, only this time on big screen. I am referring to the boys as in Vince Chase, Eric Turtle and Johnny. These four trusted friends are trying to make it big with the help of their agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven).

Like the TV show, the film looks at male friendship and the bond they have professionally and personally. It is also about young artistes trying climb up the successful ladder sometimes stepping on others toes thinking that they know best.

Entourage is a small man’s movie that is trying to make it big but I’m afraid I was not amused.  images

I was more excited by the fact that I could spot an array of cameo appearances such as Thierry Henry, Pharrel Williams, Michael Strahan, Liam Neeson, Jessica Alba and of  course Mark Walhberg, who is responsible for the whole concept of Entourage. In total 35 cameos!

It’s meant to be funny, tongue in cheek humour, plenty of bum and tits, flash cars and generally men behaving badly expecting other adults to curl up with laughter. It’s almost an irresponsible movie, sending out an irresponsible message.

Go and see it for yourself but for me I think it’s a no no for the big screen and I think they should have quit whilst they were still ahead. But if you are a fan of the TV series I think you may be in for a treat.

Ms Safirah Irani



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