Knock Knock (I) (2015) – Be careful who you open the door to!

Someones Knocking at the door...
Someones Knocking at the door…

Knock Knock 

Who’s there?


Evan who?

Eventually you will get caught for cheating….

Rated 18 – Strong Language Sexual and Violent nature

Genre Thriller Horror Suspense

Director Elli Roth

Starring Keannu Reaves Lorenzo Izzo Ana De Armas

You may have heard me often refer to some movies as ‘Turkey of the week’. These movies are the ones that are made with very low budget or no budget at all. With actors that think they can act. With a poor story line or none at all. Then there is the question on continuity. You get the picture?

Well Knock Knock was none of the above but I have to say, this definitely had to be the ‘Turkey of the week’ no, no let me be generous enough to say ‘Turkey of the year’.


What were the cast & crew thinking when shooting this nonsense? It seems like no one was brave enough to say ‘cut’.

I do think that Keannu Reaves was horrifically miscast making this is the worst movie he has ever made,His delivery of lines was awful and limited to about a dozen words.. Shit, Fuck and I am a good guy and father’. He must have been paid well as I cannot see any reason why he would put his career at risk for 99 minutes of a sexual freak show.

Knock Knock may have dealt with some home truths about male sexuality but I must say this movie is one hell of a joke!

I am very disappointed with this movie as the trailer was better watch than the movie itself!

Ms Safirah Irani



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