Magic Mike XXL (2015) – It will cost more than a dollar to get a holla!

Rated 15 – Be warned  strong sexual content, pervasive language, some nudity and drug use

Genre   – Comedy

Directed by : Gregory Jacobs

Starring :Channing Tatum as Magic Mike Matt Bomer as Ken Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Richie Kevin Nash as Tarzan Adam Rodriguez as Tito Gabriel Iglesias as Tobias

Mmmmm as in yummy or as in not too sure? Magic Mike catches up with the ‘Kings of Tampa’ since bowing out  3 years ago and decides to head towards Myrtle beach for the ‘Strippers Convention’ to boost their male ego’s before throwing in the towel.

This is where the tables are turned. Where the subject is ‘Sexualising men’ and putting them on a forum to be exploited as women are often. Once again the male counterparts take it in their stride and straddle, oozing with confidence, energy, positivity and  muscles to die for! I stopped counting after 6 packs x 5!

I don’t think this movie was about empowering women, I think it was more about the male ego! I have to say this was a poor show in comparison to its predecessor. If you strip the plot there was really nothing that gave you the wow factor.

The only reason Magic Mike XXL will get the golden buzzer is because it will get the women running to the cinema to see 5 sexy, athletic men moving and grooving every inch of their entire body to some seriously sexy music. I suggest you go for the stripping but don’t be disappointed by the lack of body in the story.

A good giggle for a girly night out! What I would like to know is why do male strippers always chooses the fat girl to do their sexing on? Well jell !!!

Ms Safirah Irani


p.s Blimey CSI:Miami star Adam Rodriguez as Tito…Me need to investigate this….Cor!!!


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