Inside Out (2015) – It’s Just Emotions Taking Me Over!

Rated : U

Genre: Animation Adventure Comedy

Running Time: 94 minutes

Director: Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen

Stars: Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Phyliss Smith Mindy Kaling

Its bad enough being an adult and having to cope with all the emotions we deal with daily. Imagine being an eleven year old child who experiences the ups and downs and not be able to control what she/he feels – unable to put it into words.

Inside Out is a story about an eleven year old girl who is the happiest ‘happy go lucky girl’ until changes in her life takes a toll on her emotions. In her little head there is the headquarters that controls her emotions like Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness.

The sudden uprooting and moving home causes Riley’s emotions to go haywire. Trying to keep the balance in the headquarters, things get a bit out of hand when confusion overpowers logical thinking.

The emotion Joy tried to keep everything positive but in reality we have to experience some sadness or anger in order to see the positive effects of our actions. It is our emotions and our memories that make up the person we become.

Inside Out maybe too advance for the younger viewer, although I do believe it is food for thought but it is definitely aimed at the older audience. Who can sit back and analyse some of the emotions and situations and say ‘ah yes, I remember that’.  With that, hopefully the adult will think twice before scolding or neglecting their own children. How we react has a great impact on their tiny minds.

The film was cleverly done, especially at the beginning where the opening scene was the short film   ‘LAVA’  a song about 2 volcano’s love for each other. I started crying even before the actual film started. Pixar has a way of getting you settled in before you even started!!! This just set the mode for Inside Out! Take a packet of tissues with you!!

Ms Safirah Irani



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