FANTASTIC FOUR (2015) – Not so Marvelous!

Rated: 12A

Genre : Action  Adventure  Sci  fi

Release:  6th August 2015 (UK)

Length: 100 minutes

Director: Josh Trank

Stars:  Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan Jamie Bell Toby Kebbell

I had waited in anticipation for this movie to hit the big screen, so you can imagine my disappointment after 100 minutes of what I would call a waste of time, effort and money.

The story revolves around four young adults, 2 of which go way back as childhood friends and 2 who are siblings. They are bought together by their common interest. This interest is the fact that they are somewhat considered geniuses in their field .They discover, they invent and become their own enemies. As the saying goes ‘All actions has consequences’ and I don’t think neither were ready for what was about to change their whole being.

In fact, I am confident to say that not even the director has thought this one through as it seemed that there was not much to a beginning, middle and an end…like a jigsaw puzzle by the time the pieces were put together, there was hardly any time to enjoy the end product.  The middle part of the movie dipped in and out of doses of action but nothing really gelling together.

I just felt robbed all the thrills and spills of a superhero movie. A five year old child has more action in the playground than these four heroes that are not so fantastic.

I surprised myself that I actually sat through it to the end!

Ms Safirah Irani



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