The Gift (VI) (2015) – Kids are cruel. Kids are Honest?

Rating: R (for language)
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Joel Edgerton

Run : 1hr 48 minutes

Stars: Jason Bateman as Simon  Joel Edgerton as Gordo Rebecca Hall as Robyn

I saw this movie over a week ago, I walked away speechless and I am still finding it hard to put it into words. Firstly, why would you buy a glass house ? Secondly, why would move and then leave your wife at home alone when you should be working on creating a  harmonious environment. Thirdly, why would allow an old friend of your husband’s into your home, when he turns up unexpectedly. and fourthly, why would you not question how this old friend got your personal details and start sending you gifts? I could go on as it does get weirder.


I have to admit, psychologically it was mind blowing, slow but tense movie. I walked away disappointed only because I wanted a proper edge of the seat thrills, but what I got was about two arghhh moments that had the cinema goers screaming and giggling at the same time.

The Gift looks at child bullying and how it can come back and haunt you. It does have a twist and just when you think you have worked out the plot it surprises you again.

If you nothing better to do (like me at moment) then go and watch it. otherwise its a film that can wait!

Ms safirah Irani



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