Ant-Man (2015) – You’ve come for more toys for the boys?

Rating: 12A
Genre: Action Adventure Sci Fi
Directed By: Peyton Reed

Run : 11 minutes

Stars:  Paul Rudd,Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, Michael Pena

‘All good things comes in small packages’ ‘It’s not the quantity it’s the quality’  ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ – True say!

This little gem took me by surprise and I am glad I finally went and watched this movie as it was not on my priority list. It was released exactly a month ago, with very little hype. The only reason Ant-Man caught my attention was because as an unlimited card holder I get to see trailers months before they are due to be released. Otherwise, I would have quite easily missed this film on the big screen. Why? I think because it was not hyped up enough.

Marvel Comics are well known for superheroes that have eye catching suits, skills and ability; they are huge and not just on their egos. They very rarely come singular, most times in pairs or in fours. They have weapons and very large, techy vehicles to wet the audience’s

What does Ant-Man have?  Well, he does have a suit that allows him to skilfully shrink in size whilst increasing his strength. He has a sense of humour only a naïve thief will get.  And that’s where his ‘jail friends’ come in; there is something cute about men who are ‘thick as 2 planks put together’. And as for the vehicle, well what could Ant Man possibly have other than   #247, the winged carpenter ant ‘Anthony ‘ and that’s all is needed to ‘make mountain out of a mole hill’.

Antastic!  Fab performance by Paul Rudd as Ant Man/Scott Lang. He had an innocent charm about him. I loved Michael Pena as Luis who just gave us something to laugh about every minute.

Ant-Man was cleverly made; immersing you into the minute world beneath our feet, looking up it can be scary but the action just kept rolling in. I felt like a big kid- imagine Thomas the Tank engine magnified as you run ahead of it! It captured the imagination 100%.images (3)

Ant-Man exceeded my expectations. Its been a long time I left the cinema with a smile from ear to ear on my face.

Ms Safirah Irani



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