No Escape (2015) – But Run!

Rating:15 strong violence including a sexual assault, and for language
Genre:  Action Thriller
Directed By:John Erick Dowdle

Run : 103 minutes

Stars:   Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson

Once the film starts, there’s definitely No Escape from what you are going to endure for the next 103 minutes. With no popcorn for support I had to endure a fast paced, gruesome, rebel riots in a foreign country. The one thought that kept running through my mind was ‘What would I do if this happened to me?’

No Escape is about a family that had moved to new waters for better job prospects. Within hours of landing they find themselves in a middle of a rebel coup. Merciless killings of any foreigners – especially Americans.

Owen Wilson ridden with guilt will do anything to protect his family, and so the action begins….slightly farfetched, but bearable. Both lead actors Owen Wilson and Lake Bell showed great strength as the focus was on them throughout the whole film.images

I think the intention was good to portray the difficulties foreigners would have if ever in a situation of No Escape but once again the political question rises about America v Rest of the World. ‘You made your bed, so you can lay in it!’  The image ‘White family being attacked by brown crazy people’ – Heroic v Madness….issues that are being faced by the rest of the world as we are safe and sound in our homes.

There were scenes that were disturbing to see and hear, to me that show that effort was put into making the film that affected the audience. I had to hide in my hands as I could not bare the visual or sound effects.

No Escape hits the big screen on 4th September. Be prepared!

Ms Safirah Irani



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