What’s Love Got To Do With It?


I remember when Valentine’s day was for lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends and for that odd incognito attraction. But now Valentine’s Day is as common as Christmas or Easter, where everyone is greeted with ‘Happy Valentines’ and almost everyone expects you to be ‘pampered’ by your loved one. I know see daughters buying their mum gifts on Valentine’s Day or vice versa. Is it really necessary as we have recognised days for most individuals already? People say it’s about showing your appreciation and love well what happens for the rest of the year? I myself know that 364 day is a long time to go without some loveable gesture. Especially on those days when you wished the sun would set quickly.

I like to show my love when the moment takes me, that is what I call


genuine love and appreciation. My love comes in different shapes and sizes from helping someone when they don’t have two pennies to rub together or treating a friend out to a meal or even showing my man how much I love him by giving him a surprise treat on any day other than Valentine’s Day. That’s what keeps the bonds strong, it’s the little things that keeps the heart beating.

I wonder how many hopefuls will have expectations today. I wonder how many will be disappointed and I wonder how many where bullied into buying them a rose or two?

Just remember whatever you do for whatever reason that someone out there will be broken (probably you) and someone out there will be laughing (the retailer).


Ms Safirah Irani

@Safirah63 Twitter


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