PGL – Parents Get Lost!

It was that time of the year again, when you wonder why you volunteered to go on the school residential trip with 62 children age 10 years and 7 staff who some may say ‘sadder than sad’. But we went , we conquered and we all returned in one piece.

PGL  is the UK’s leading outdoor education provider, delivering inspirational learning through adventure. Since 1957 PGL which stands for Peter Gordon Lawrence has been enriching lives of young and adventurous by providing opportunities such as abseiling, rock climbing, zip wire, archery, fencing and many more  indoor and outdoor activities that will help young and the old about team building and working together.


Thanks to PGL we were able to do just that.An opportunity that can be as positive as you want it to be or as negative but nevertheless a memory that will change you from person you were to the person you become.

Each morning you roll out of bed, open your chalet door and  greeted to a fantastic view of Weymouth Bay – mileIMG_1292s and miles of calm water, with the sun rising and silhouette of the The Isle of Portland , limestone tied island.

With a grand breakfast in your tum, you have a full day of various activities from 9 am to 9 pm. In between Lunch and dinner. You have a choices of activities , that will push you to your limits and come out feeling proud of yourself.

The beauty of this trip is to see our year 6 pupils in an environment that we would not normally see them in and also for the pupils to see the members of staff out of the school environment. This is when they realise we are human too!

With emotions running all over the PGL site, some children are thrown in at the deep end, some never been away from home ,they don’t have the time to look backwards. Harsh it may sound, but that’s where I become mummy to everyone – young and old, after all we all need a cuddle sometimes.

From ‘Miss you nights’ to ‘My best buddy is annoying me’ to ‘tummy aches’ its nice to be dependent on. The pupils soon work out, which members of staff are gentle natured – which we all are but, they know who they would like to be the mother figure. You would be surprised that even the toughest child will soon run into your arms and let you  see the gentler side to them.

As a First Aider I have contact with most pupils through most activities. some with laughter,some with tears. But the ones that really need me are the ones that knock on my door at 2 am in the morning who are having trouble sleeping. This time I had no one disturbing my slumber – that’s a first in 12 years!

The funniest first aid I had to administrate was on myself! I was trying to fix a pair of glasses and I super glued my finger to the arm of the glasses, felt like a right spectacle when the headteacher had to help me!

I have my company #Tedroenmonkee, my travelling companions who area great comfort to all.They can cause a distraction but normally its all good.

Apart from being on site we do have excursions to Corfe Castle & Weymouth Sea Life Centre. These trips gives us time out and an opportunity to see the lovely countryside and villages that we are surrounded by. Educationally, the children are given a guided tour on both excursions – lots of Q&A about the history of Corfe Castle and lots of factoids about the animals in the Sea Life Centre.

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These five days are the best days of any school life. The children may not appreciate now but when the emotions have settled they will look back and say ‘ Lol…maybe if I had…No that’s definitely not for me…’ most will say ‘If I have that chance again I will do somethings differently’.

It gives me great pleasure to see the children reunited with their family in one piece and even a greater achievement knowing that I was part of that memory. We as staff, helped them overcome some of their greatest fears, whether it was height or the darkness – they went in with sheer braveness and each and everyone of them was an achiever.

Well done!

Ms Safirah Irani

Twitter @Safirah63





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