Get Out! (2017)


“Being black is a fashion”

“Where knowing Tiger Woods  makes you look cool  “

“When rose offers you tea you think twice”

“Where a game of bingo  is a gamble on your life”

“Black mould creeping in the cellar”

“White family, black servants, total cliche”


“Where the domestic staff looks like they are still in ‘Roots’ set”

Jordan Peele has hit the head on the nail with well thought out subtle topic…where every non white person thinks  ‘ I wonder if they know’ or ‘ What do they really think of me’. The trouble with people of non colour is that they try too hard and the harder they try the wider the gap gets to understand the real racial issues.

The title ‘Get Out’can be racially insinuating  don’t you think?

I have to say I love my horrors , I love the sensation I get when I jump out of my seat, I love the shear fear of fear and ‘Get Out’ gave me those sensations when I least expected it.

Well done Daniel Kaluuya for giving a fantastic performance and keeping it real man!

Ms Safirah Irani



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