Girls Trip (2017) <3

Rating: R (for crude and sexual content throughout, pervasive language, brief graphic nudity, and drug material)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Directed By: Malcolm D. Lee Cast : Queen Latifah ,Jada Pinkett-Smith ,Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish.

Yowza! This movie was as real as Shit! If you want some sisterly lurve then you need to make a night out wid your female counterparts and get your junk in the trunk to the cinema for some raunchy frolics , some itching and bitching in between some serious sisterly travails. Man, no I mean gals if you want some laughter then this will keep you chuckling for sometime. You may even learn a few tricks or so – I mean have yo all heard about the grapefruit? Kmt I’m gonna get doshamaramckoy13wn the supermarket as soon as I can coz I need to do sometingz to my bae.

These babes pushed some boundaries but they bought the truth home with some kick ass humour. There’s no bad juju about this movie – judge for yourself – me I’m getting my ass out of here time is ticking … lots to do! 👠💄💋👍🏾

Ms Safirah Irani



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