Detriot (2017) – 12th Street Riots

Rating: R (for strong violence and pervasive language)
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Kathryn Bigelow
Written By: Mark Boal. Cast: John Boyega Will Poultner Anthony Mackie Algee Smith.

IMG_9293The truth is I left the cinema feeling stressed angry and with a very bad headache. why? Because to me nothing’s changed in terms of basic human rights when it comes to racial violence against the minorities.

You may argue that point but if you are true to yourself then I would say apart from being tolerant , the attitude are the same, the goal post has been moved but the education is the same.

This movie relived the Detroit events of 1967 also know as the ’12 Street Riots’ as real as it can get. Detroit was released on its 50th anniversary July 23rd in the USA – a very dark day in the American history yet nothing has been learnt (or not enough ) from both sides of the fence

Detroit is a challenging, disturbing movie to watch in this day and age but the whole truth will never be known of what really happened – maybe hundred years from now we will be told otherwise but I think that’s a wee tad too late! But bleak subjects matter and the struggle is real . This piece of history needs to be remembered of how our folks fought for basic human rights in a very very difficult time

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Ms Safirah Irani



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