Avengers-Infinity War (2018) where will you be when it all ends?

7B997447-B135-4F7D-AB4A-E729DBC9D0D8Finally managed to get my cine buddy to go and see Avengers- infinity war.

Cineworld was buzzing with excitement and the sound of munching popcorn . All I’m going to say is wait till the very very end to get a clue to what possibly could happened in the next Avengers. As for this one all I’m saying is this was a good way of introducing/recapping on all the super heroes like Thor, hulk, Dr Strange, Vision , iron man , Spider-Man and Black Panther . See it as away of doing revision for the big exam.  And Thanos tests your knowledge! I enjoyed it as expected but….



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Black Panther (2018)- Wakanda forever

“The Black Panther has been a protector of Wakanda for generations. And now, it is time to show the outside world who we are.” Black Panther leapt onto our comic pages in 1966 refusing to conform to the racial stereotyping of that era. Today, 50 years later Black Panther pounces back on to our big screens as a warrior, king, legend and a hero – a hero we all deserve to resonate with.

This film is the best by far bold ,courageous and intense in the message it sends out. It’s about roots,family,belonging and keeping the goodness alive.
Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya , Lupita N’yong’o and Dânia Gurira are not just great actors but so pleasing to the eye. Purrrfect.