Safirani Irani is not your average Asian Woman, what she is, is a mum of three and a Superwoman when it comes to networking and breaking out of the norm cultural upbringings .

Safirah was originally born in the North of England in a place called Bolton which has a large Muslim Community, at the age of eight her family relocated to Hackney in North London, where Safirah grew up and studied.

Bruce Springsteen and Paul Weller were her music secrets and along her other four sisters, Safirah would grow to have one foot in a Muslim culture and the other foot in a Western world.

Later on in life Safirah regained her appetite for Bollywood and with her friends began her ventures into the world of Bollywood clubs and socialising.

During 2006 Irani’s career path as a Nursery Nurse changed, as Safirah was approached to audition in Holby City as an Asian doctor’s wife, not getting the part she continued TV and then film work. Since her early days of being in front of the camera, she has starred alongside many Hollywood and Bollywood actors as a supporting actor.

With her knowledge of Bollywood films, British Asian Music and the arts in general, Safirah put her skills and contacts to becoming the first ever Showbiz & Lifestyle Editor for Luv Asia Radio, and now reports stories for clients around the world.


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